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Christine Barnes

"Thank you for being proactive in reviewing our centers! Some of these we had reviewed previously with other companies and we had to contact them to initiate an appeal. We appreciate having Integrity Tax Consulting who stays on top of our reviews and lets us know when tax savings are possible."
— Mandy Chinn | Regency Properties

Since our founding in 1997, the experienced and dedicated team at Integrity Tax Consulting has provided first-class property valuations and tax reviews. Our goal is to reduce your property taxes, increase your cash flow and improve shareholder profitability. Our services help you escape the pitfalls and complexities of tax assessments.

Integrity prides itself on its high standard of education and training for our staff or professionals. We work hard to expedite your recovery process with minimal interruptions to your business routine. We have a unique approach to the appeals process allowing us to work in a cooperative, synergistic and trusted manner with local officials across all 92 counties in Indiana and all 83 counties in Michigan. The result of this cooperative effort has resulted in a 99 percent recovery rate for our clients.

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Important Dates - Indiana

April 30Assessed Values IssuedN/A
June 15Appeal DeadlineDeadline: June 15 of assessment year if notice of assessment is mailed before May 1 of the assessment year
April 1Tax Bills IssuedN/A
May 10Tax Bills Due1st half installment - Spring
November 10Tax Bills Due 2nd half installment – Fall

October 1Assessed Values IssuedN/A
November 15Appeal DeadlineN/A
May 15Rendition DateReturns may be appealed/amended until May 15 of the following year
April 10Tax Bills IssuedN/A
May 10Tax Bills DueMay 10 of the following year. 1st half installment
November 10Tax Bills Due November 10 of the following year. 2nd half installment

Important Dates - Michigan

Feb – Mar Appeal Deadline Varies by jurisdiction
May 31 Appeal Deadline Michigan Tax Tribunal appeals
Jul – Sep Tax Bills Due Summer bills due
Dec 31 Assessment Date
Dec – Mar Tax Bills Due Winter bills due

Feb 20 PP Returns Due Inventory exempt
MarAppeal Deadline Varies by jurisdiction
May 31Appeal Deadline Michigan Tax Tribunal appeals
Jul – Sept Tax Bills Due Summer bills due
Dec 31Assessment Date
Dec – Mar Tax Bills Due Winter bills due