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As real estate tax lawyers, the partners at Sleggs, Danzinger & Gill (SDG), make it our business to ensure that our clients pay the lowest possible state and local property taxes—and nothing more. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation and tax law in the State of Ohio, placing over 75 years of practice experience to work in providing skilled, well-versed legal representation in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. SDG’s proven knowledge of Property Tax laws help our clients to maximize property investments and provide attractive business advantages.

From office buildings and multi-family units to hotels, casinos and industrial properties, SDG has the experience and knowledge to help analyze and reduce your tax assessment. We will utilize our vast legal experience to provide timely responses, meet the varied needs of our clients, and efficiently manage their state and local tax-related issues.


In Ohio, real property is valued every three years. The Tax Commissioner requires a visual inspection every six years under R.C. 5715.33, and every three years the values are updated (R.C. 715.24). Each period allows for one appeal of the real estate value to be filed and prosecuted. Each County is on their own schedule for reassessment which can be found at the Ohio Tax Department of Taxation Portal. Each of Ohio’s 88 Counties handle their own assessments, and it is not an exact science, which is why it can be beneficial to consult with real estate tax lawyers before proceeding on your own. The counties employ a technique called mass appraisal and while it may capture important data, it is not particular to each taxpayer’s property and important facts may be missed.

Each property owner should evaluate their tax assessment with experts like our real estate tax lawyers to determine if an opportunity exists for reduction. Sleggs, Danzinger & Gill will help you determine if the value assigned by the taxing authority is correct, too low or too high. If the value is too high, an appeal can be filed by March 31 of each year to contest the prior tax year’s value. Be aware that filing an appeal opens the door to possible revaluation, and if the value is found to be too low, a taxpayer can be at risk for an increase. The process is complicated but our team of experienced property tax attorneys will properly and expeditiously handle the filing and presentation of evidence to prove the over-valuation of your real estate. The laws in Ohio in this area are constantly changing and the attorneys at Sleggs, Danzinger & Gill are ready to assist you in a review of your current valuation.

We also work with clients with special-use property valuations such as:

  • Marinas;
  • Airport hangars;
  • Casinos;
  • Large steel manufacturing facilities;
  • Sports Arenas;
  • Water and amusement parks, and
  • Country clubs/golf course

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