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Todd W. Sleggs, Esq.
820 W. Superior Ave.
Seventh Floor
Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone: 216-771-8991
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Robert K. Danzinger, Esq.
Phone: 216-771-8990
Cell: 216-789-5101

Steven R. Gill, Esq.
Phone: 216-771-8990
Fax: 216-771-8992

At Sleggs Danzinger & Gill (SDG), we make it our business to ensure that our clients pay the applicable state and local property taxes—and nothing more. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation and tax law in the State of Ohio, putting nearly 50 years of practice to work in providing skilled, well-versed legal representation in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. SDG’s proven knowledge of Ohio’s property tax laws help our clients to maximize their property investments and provide them with an attractive business advantage.

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